Monday, July 13, 2009

up North Trip Day TWO

Fishing Update: Hunter started today out by catching this bass and then Ralph finished out the day with this catfish: Score: Hunter 6, Ralph 8. We all got up and Papa announced that he had slept on the small bed in his room (loft), we thought we would all just die laughing because this is the trendel bed in the loft and this is the other choice of beds he had up there (all to his self- to choose from). Uh, which one would you choose?

So after breakfast (home made waffles) we went out to sit in the sun and sand. I must admit it didn't last long- by 1:30 we were back up on the deck because it was sooooo windy! I had to wrap up for my nap. See you all tomorrow, see what we are doing and how the fishing contest is going!

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